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Tony Sophoclides
Tony Sophoclides is a public affairs specialist, with 11 years' experience in consultancy. He has served as a director in three leading public affairs consultancies, as well as working for more than seven years in Westminster and for a year as a lobbyist in Washington DC. His consultancy career has given him experience in sectors as diverse as planning and property development, chemicals and gases, aviation, railways, print media, the toy industry, local government and trades unions. His work has involved him in campaigns directed at the EU institutions, Whitehall, Westminster, devolved, regional and local governments, and across industry bodies and regulators.

He was a political adviser and speechwriter in Government and Opposition to former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, and was previously a researcher for several backbench MPs. He therefore has an in-depth understanding of the dynamics and machinery of Westminster and Whitehall, from a position of government and opposition. While working for the Deputy PM, his responsibilities included campaigning roles, political intelligence and speechwriting.

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